Inside Access: High Ticket Products

High Ticket Products or known in the regular world as expensive

products are a very controversial topic among sellers and consumers.

Why? Well its quite simple really. The seller wants to get paid more and the consumer wants to get the best deal out there paying as low as possible.

These two classes will always be clashing as long as there is selling going on, which we don’t see going away anytime soon.

From a consumer perspective we totally understand why we want to pay less money..duh!

However, how is it some products seem to be irrestible to purchase no matter what price they are sold at.

One key thing: the salesman or whoever may be at the realm of the sales process.

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You see one doesn’t just purchase because of price, studies show that people buy with their emotions, so if you can entice a customer to buy from you, you can have a product priced at $1,000 and you can bet there will be people out there that would be willing to buy.

But How do you do that?

Well that may be another article all together however we just want you to hold on to the fact that a good salesman is the key factor here.

Now why is it the most advantageous to the seller to price his/her products at the highest possible point?

Let’s take a plastic surgeon for example. Say you search on google¬†top plastic surgeons in fairfax va. You go there cause you want a boob tummy tuck to lose weight for your high school reunion.

Now if you want to do it naturally you can, and it is definitely a lot cheaper to do so as well.

From a sales/marketing perspective my tummy tuck surgery needs to entice that customer as to why they need to spend the $8-10 grand to get this procedure done.

If you can convince the customer that it is much easier, much better for them in the long run, and that you are the best surgeon in the history of plastic surgeons, then making that purchase of 8-10 grand may not seem so bad right?

The customer typically doesn’t buy because they don’t believe that what they are buying is worth it to them, won’t work for them, or that it is just too much of a hassle.

The job of the salesman is to knock out those beliefs of the customer:

Convince them that this procedure is the best solution for them, it will work for them, and it is so easy and convenient for them.


If you do all of these things you will have a customer purchase from you.

Now let’s do some quick math. If we take 10 grand and multiply that by 10 you get 100 grand duh!

Now imagine if you were to sell 10 surgeries per month?

That is over 1 million dollars in gross sales.

All of that from 120 sales transactions. Generate over 1 Million from 120 transactions. That is the power behind high ticket sales.

Go out there and create a product and charge an arm and a leg for it! Do It!


Prisoners of Liberty Limos

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Limousines are suppose to class up an event or your experience. Even if you aren’t use to getting fancy things or riding in style adding a classy vehicle to your night or event is a good way to stand out.


Prisoners of Liberty Limos are those people who are attracted to limousines in the Liberty USA area.


The customers of Liberty Limos all are retaining clients and re-use the limousine services over and over and over. The drivers for this company are top notch and stick out like a sore thumb.

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Liberty Limos has been growing 13 % year over year respectively.

This company has even had a few clients who literally spent the entire time inside of their limousine partying instead of actually going to their event.

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We know once you try Liberty Limos you are going to be Prisoners of this company.

They will steal your heart and your money, but its not really stealing if you willingly hand over your wallet or credit card and actually pay for their services again again and again.

Feel free to check out other limousine places in your area and we actually challenge you to find another limo service that beats us in price, customer service, and your experience.

If you do find another limo business that beats us out especially price, let us know, bring in the proof, and we will match that competitor’s price.

Just like that we instantly remain a top customer choice.

What are you waiting for? Become a prisoner of Liberty Limos!


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